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How to Share the Gospel with Your Jewish Friends Seminars

Enthusiastically received by participants to various churches and seminaries. The original seminars are organized topically in a way to build upon the information provided. Vladimir Pikman encourages interaction with seminar participants, which creates a very engaging time for those who attend. Contact us about having these seminars at your church or venue.

Seminar I – Understanding Your Jewish Friends

The biblical importance of Jewish evangelism is explored and a revealing look at the American Jewish identity. This session also includes the foundation of how to share the gospel with the Jewish people.

Seminar II – Common Jewish Objections to the Gospel

Vladimir continues the discussion of sharing the gospel with Jewish people by presenting some of the common objections Jewish people have towards the gospel, the Bible, and/or Christianity.

Seminar III – The Messiah in Jewish Traditions and Holy Days.

Being able to present Jesus within the context of Jewish traditions and Holy days is an important part of sharing the gospel with Jewish people, this seminar exposes where Jesus is hidden in plain sight within Jewish traditions and festivals. Additionally, this seminar discusses how to follow up and disciple.

Special Events

Additional Topics for Speaking Engagements

Our Jewish Friends holds community outreach events for Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, and Hanukkah as well as Messiah in Passover presentations and Passover Seders.

As a Messianic rabbi, parachurch leader, and theologian, Vladimir Pikman is frequently asked to speak to Christian church congregations, Sunday School classes, and home groups on various topics related to:


  • Jewish evangelism.
  • The Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • Understanding the Jewish Feasts and Holy Days.
  • Interpreting the New Testament and difficult theological concepts from a Jewish perspective. 
  • Messiah in the Passover presentation.
  • Passover Seder.
  • Or a subject tailored for your group.


We also encourage and help Christians to host special outreach events for their Jewish friends. Suggested topics include:


  • Where was God in the Holocaust?
  • What Jews and Christians can learn from one another.
  • Standing together against rising Anti-Semitism.
  • Or a topic personalized for your outreach event


Fluent in Russian, German, and English, he is frequently asked to speak to multi-lingual audiences.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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